About Al Anoud Gulf Company

Al Anoud Gulf Company is a Saudi private enterprise known for its diverse range of operational
sectors, including logistics services, renewable energy solutions, resource sustainability, artificial intelligence, construction, military equipment, real estate, property management, operations and maintenance, media, entertainment, and training.

Our enduring dedication to innovation, diversity, and adaptability is paralleled only by our steadfast commitment to creating a positive societal impact. As a company, we aim to be successful collaborators in business and a source of diverse expertise that contributes to enhancing our corporate identity.


We continually collaborate with:

cutting-edge global technologies and companies with high potential. This support empowers us to align with Saudi Arabia Goals' Vision 2030. We forge purposeful partner-ships, underpinned by our business acumen, financial strength, and executive capabilities, all of which contribute to the advancement of the national economy in line with the objectives of Vision 2030


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Our Mission

At Al Anoud Gulf Company, we dedicated to making a meaningful contribution to the realization of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. 

We aspire to be the most committed and trusted company across our diverse domains, where creativity and innovation come together to unveil new horizons. 

Our goal is to translate innovative ideas into tangible realities that enhance the quality of life in our communities and the business landscape. 

We aim to serve as a role model, both locally and globally, inspiring others to follow in our footsteps


Our Values

What sets Al Anoud Gulf Company apart and makes it a leader in its field is our unwavering commitment to our core values, which include excellence, integrity, citizenship, and responsibility.

These values lie at the heart of everything we do, enhancing the levels of performance and efficiency within our company. They help create a structure of equitable and exemplary business principles that provide significant value to our partners, clients, and the communities we serve.



AI Anoud Gulf Company, along with all its dedicated workforce, assumes full responsibility for all of its endeavors. We are committed to realizing the aspirations of our clients and the strategic objectives of the company, in accordance with the guidance of senior management and the principles of Vision 2030.​


We relentlessly strive to achieve the highest standards of performance and quality in all the services and operations we offer, ensuring a positive contribution to businesses, society, and the environment


Integrity, appreciation, openness, and honesty are the cornerstones of our interactions. Transparency and honesty are fundamental to our Company's success.


We welcome talents from various cultures and backgrounds and embrace diverse investment strategies that enhance our standing, enabling us to provide exceptional services to our clients.


We uphold the responsibilities of conscientious citizenship within the scope of our work, both within and beyond the Kingdom's borders, focusing on enhancing job performance and productivity.


We are known for our courage and intellectual curiosity, continuously seeking the best solutions for our clients and employees. We are considered a forward-thinking company in the field.


We are committed to delivering "the future" in the best possible ways that add value to our clients and employees. We excel in care, commitment, and deserving trust.


We characterized by vibrance, flexibility, and collaboration, with a continuous development of work methods from a fresh, intelligent, and innovative perspective.


We continually seek new and innovative methods and solutions that elevate our work, internally and externally.

Our Mission:

As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues to advance towards the realization of Vision 2030, the pressing need for companies capable of bridging gaps and meeting specific needs with effectiveness and efficiency is ever-increasing. Our company possesses deep knowledge, consistent expertise, and competitive capabilities on both local and international levels to provide optimal solutions.


We consider sustainability a pivotal factor in accelerating business success and achieving the strategic goals of the Kingdom. In light of this, we place special emphasis on aligning all our activities with global sustainable development objectives.

Sustainability as a Business Driver

We view sustainability not merely as an ethical aspiration but as a core business strategy that reflects its long-term value. This begins with enhancing our operational efficiencies and extends to adopting low-emission energy technologies and strategic investments for sustainable growth.

Our Path to a Bright Future

Our company was founded on ambition and high aspirations to elevate sustainable development and innovation. We aspire to become a transformative force with a tremendous positive impact on both the society and the economy within the Kingdom, in harmony with the principles and objectives of Vision 2030.

Working with a Sense of Responsibility

We invest in the human development and community capabilities through a diversity of programs aimed at making a significant difference in the lives of individuals and their local communities. Our goal is to prepare them for a prosperous future that encompasses themselves, their families, and their local communities

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